In light of recent events, it seems to some that Russia and America are on the verge of another cold war. Dmitry Peskov, a Russian spokesperson for President Putin, stated that America has not taken a peaceful approach with its defense of NATO allies. Could this possibly bring both countries to the brink of war?

In a recent interview with CBS News, Dmitry spoke about the sudden blame on Russia for Donald Trump's election campaign. Considering all the issues that have risen between Russian and America since the Trump election, he further stated that two superpowers are advancing toward a new Cold War.

What does Donald Trump have to say?

While Donald Trump shifted his stance on NATO, he clearly said that the relationship with Russia is declining. This might not be good news but the situation is expected to change after the Presidents meet each other in July. Trump will be meeting Putin for the first time since becoming president.

Will Russia take action against America?

With the present situation, Russia does not feel comfortable with military infrastructure getting closer to their borders. They feel that it is a threat to national security and if it is necessary they will re-balance the situation and take further measures. At this moment there are around 4,000 American forces and tanks moving across Eastern European nations.

Earlier this year in January, American troops arrived in Poland. The Defense Minister of Poland welcomed the troops and said that they have been eagerly waiting for decades. The U.S. has been supporting and spreading out into seven European nations, including Estonia.

With American soldiers backing Estonia, they told the Russians that they are ready to fight the invasion of Crimea by the Russian federation carried out in 2014.

According to Russia, they feel that the invasion of Crimea was legal. Russia feels that the territory belongs to them and that they don't need to justify themselves. With tension rising, things might not be settled until Trump meets Putin.