The President of the United States Donald Trump is all set to meet the Russian President Vladimir Putin in July. The meeting will be held at the G20 summit in Hamburg, this will be the first meeting for both the Presidents ever since Trump took power in January. The meeting was confirmed by The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and the announcement was made right after Sergei spoke with Trump in Washington on Wednesday.

However, the White House is yet to confirm the meeting. It appears that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have already discussed a meeting in July much earlier over the phone.

Details about the meeting were published on the Kremlin website. It stated that Trump and Putin were in favor of organizing a personal meeting in connection with a meeting of the G20 summit.

The US-Russian relations became worse under the Trump administration

According to CNN, the US-Russia ties became worse under the Trump administration. Reports stated that Donald Trump's election campaign was being investigated by US authorities for possible connections with Russia. The relationship between the US and Russian leaders has been notably withering over the past years.

A Kremlin spokesperson stated that all levels of communication had been frozen recently. Under the former US President Barrack Obama's administration, there was no deterioration between both countries.

Trump has had many meeting with different heads of government so far, but not Putin.

US-Russian relations to become stronger

The meeting between both Presidents is hotly anticipated, Trump said that he had a very good discussion with Sergei at the White House and he is certainly looking forward to building relations with Russia.

Putin has also been backing up Trump recently and Russia feels that Donald Trump is someone who deeply values personal relationships.

On Tuesday night, Trump fired the Director of the FBI James Comey and Putin seemed to be in full support for his cause. However, he denied Russian interest on the issue but clearly made a statement saying "Trump is acting in accordance with his law and Constitution and in accordance with his competence ." Moscow had been pushing for a meeting between Trump and Putin as a means of setting the relationship with the new US. If everything goes well both the superpowers will continue to have a good alliance in the future. The Presidents will discuss Syria, Ukraine and other longstanding conflicts in July.