The lawyer that is representing the Swedish woman who accused Julian Assange of Rape, Elisabeth Massi Fritz, made a statement on Friday condemning the decision by the Swedish prosecutor to drop the charges. The announcement came as a shock to the world and put all eyes on the Wikileaks founder.

Fritz added that it was “a scandal that a suspected rapist can evade the law and therefore escape trial by court … My client is in shock and the case being dropped won’t change the fact that Assange has exposed her to a rape." Fritz further added that she was extremely critical of the decision to drop the case after a preliminary investigation had been carried on for such a long time.

The Ecuadorian foreign minister speaks out

Ecuador’s foreign minister, Guillaume Long, welcomed the Swedish actions and claimed that his country would attempt to consult and find a Safe Passage for the Wikileaks founder.

“Given that the European arrest warrant no longer holds," Long said, Ecuador will intensify its efforts at diplomacy with the UK so that Assange can be given a safe passage, "in order to enjoy his asylum in Ecuador.” Long dismissed the actions and behavior of the Swedish prosecutors and said that this had led to unnecessary delays in finding progress for Assange's case.