A spokesperson for the #UK Home Office claimed that the British government had no participation in the Swedish decision to drop the Rape investigation against #Julian Assange that had been put forward by a young woman in Sweden in 2012.

On Friday morning, the European arrest warrant against the Wikileaks founder was officially extracted at a London magistrate's court and the world reacted with varying degrees of shock and surprise.

The British Prime Minister #Theresa May was asked about the situation and she said that any decision about his arrest – if he did in fact leave the Ecuadorian embassy – lay with the police, not with her.

Both Ecuador and Sweden have clashed over the Wikileaks founder's detainment, with both countries blaming the other for lengthy delays that have meant Assange hasn’t seen his young children for seven years.

Now the eyes of the world are on the United States government to see if they try and extradite Assange on espionage charges, a charge that he vehemently denies. Assange says that #Wikileaks have more intel and information that they have gathered and that they will release on the CIA in the coming months. With the recent Russian investigations on the boil, many are wondering if the US are worried.