President Donald Trump believes that China’s president Xi Jinping, is creating pressure on North Korea as they are heading for their missile and nuclear weapon programs. In an interview on Sunday, April 30, Trump termed the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a “smart cookie.”

The interview

During the interview with CBS News, Trump stated that Kim gained power at a very young age of 26 or 27, after his father passed away. He also stated that being a leader at such a tender age, he had been dealing with really tough people. Despite facing so many obstacles, including from his uncle who tried to take the power away from him, Kim overcome them and has been ruling the country since.

However, this is not the first time that Trump has lauded Kim’s skills of being a young survivor and ruler. He added that he was not praising Kim, but only highlighting the fact that gaining so much power and being able to control it at such a young age was commendable. Therefore, the North Korean leader was “a smart cookie.”

Diplomatic relations hinted at?

Speculations are rife that President Trump is playing smart and attempting to locate common ground. With Trump suggesting that the leader is not unreasonable but was put in a tough scenario at a young age, suppositions of a diplomatic mode are rife. His remarks have fueled speculation that it may be a way of opening up a diplomatic channel between the US and North Korea.

Why the North Korean ballistic missile was banned

On Saturday, April 29, a North Korean mid-range ballistic missile failed initially after it was launched. The UN has banned the ballistic missile tests. Reason being, the mission was seen as an effort from the country to destroy the mainlands of the United States. President Trump has already sent a submarine, which is nuclear powered, to the Korean waters last week.

A huge live fire exercise was carried out at the eastern coast by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft. Both United States and South Korea have started installing a defense system. It is expected to become partly functional in the coming days.

What was the reaction of the residents?

Residents of Seongj village had a fight with the police on April 30.

Around 300 protestors had a huge face off with 800 police. They were also successful in stopping two oil trucks from the US army entering the place. Many residents were reported to have injured or have fainted due to the protest have been admitted to the hospital.