Teams working in oil fields throughout the U.S. closed and examined thousands of gas and oil wells in the State Of Colorado last week. The strict inspection resulted as a safety measure after two people died when their house exploded. Local authorities have yet to mention whether one of the state’s 3,000 wells contributed to the blast that killed them. Anadarko Petroleum claims it recently worked on a 24-year-old well approximately 200 feet from the fire and explosion that occurred in the city of Firestone just a few weeks ago.

Examiners look for answers

Federal investigators with the Colorado Fire Department commented that the underground structure was a vital portion of their examination. However, they haven't chosen it as the most reasonable explanation for what caused the impact.

The horrific explosion took the lives of Joseph William Irwin III and Mark Martinez. Martinez’s wife, Erin Martinez, suffered severe burns to her body. Joseph was her biological sibling.

The vicinity where Colorado positioned its wells and subdivisions is often a source of conflict within the state. The urban areas are quickly developing as cities build them on top of profitable gas and oil fields all throughout the region. The conflicts have since resulted in the creation of many lawsuit claims that have attempted to revise the state's regulations on these materials.

Colorado’s legislature dismissed a proposition earlier in the year that would have mandated more distance between its schools and their newly manufactured gas and oil rigs.

What is known so far

Anadarko Petroleum stated that the city exhausted the well where the incident occurred back in the early 1990s. The organization also found in the investigation that the house was brand new.

However, the time of its actual development remains undetermined. Anadarko noted they found evidence that another company infiltrated the well but failed to recognize who that was.

The city of Firestone, CO has a population of 30,000 residents. It is situated 30 miles north of Denver. However, it also stands on top of one of the state’s major oil fields.

Anadarko referred to the blast as a catastrophe. The company sent its condolences for the casualties to all of their friends and families.The oil company mentioned that it's currently collaborating with examiners and local authorities to find out why the tragedy happened.

Anadarko expects to lose at least 13,000 barrels of oil a day while the city’s 3,000 wells cease their operations. The association said they wouldn't allow the wells to function until they thoroughly inspected them. It says that the whole process of doing that could take up to a month to complete.