Tiger Woods, one of the most well-known names in the golfing industry, is no newbie to the limelight. He has dominated headlines for over twenty years. The 41-year-old Woods has won 14 championships since he joined the PGA Tour in 1996, though he hasn't had any major wins since 2008. The newest story that is currently making its way across the nation isn't exactly positive, however.

The logistics of the arrest

He was arrested at 3:00 am Monday Morning at a traffic stop under suspicion of drunk driving in Jupiter, Florida. He was booked at a local jail at 7:18 am where he was charged with a DUI.

He was later released at 10:50 am, according to Palm Beach County records.

Woods owns a property on Jupiter Island, though it is unknown if anyone else was in the car with him at the time of his arrest. Details about what substance was present in his system have not yet been released.

A history of 'Bad' press

This recent event isn't his first slip up. Back in 2009, Woods was also charged with careless driving, when he rammed his car into a fire hydrant and tree near his house in Orlando, Florida after fighting with his wife, Elin Nordegren.

In November of that same year, it came out that Woods had been unfaithful to Nordegren. A string of his high profile affairs reportedly included a hostess at a New York nightclub, a porn star, and a Las Vegas promoter.

He apologized publicly for his extramarital affairs and in December, he voluntarily checked himself into a sex addiction rehabilitation center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Fast forward two months to February of 2010 when Woods apologized once again to his friends and family for his behavior. Despite his apology, many of his sponsors dropped him, and he and Nordegren divorced a few months later.

Health setbacks over the years

Woods has suffered many sustaining injuries over the course of his career and has undergone many surgeries on his back and his knee, specifically within the last three years since 2014. Nevertheless, his long list of setbacks haven't stopped him yet, though he has been unable to play for several months at a time on a few occasions as a result of his extended pain and health problems.

He's currently been out of the game since February due to fusion surgery on his back. He is confident that his latest prognosis will allow him to play golf again within a few months, but for the time being, he has to rest and recuperate. As a result, he won't be playing in this season's PGA Tour.