Kim Jong-un continues to defy Donald Trump and the United Nations Committee, even after saying that his country was open to diplomatic talks but with certain stipulations. North Korea, only yesterday, launched another ballistic missile. This time, however, it did not reach the US mainland or close to the Russian border. It landed on the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula.

South Korea says North Korea dashed hopes for peace

The test on Sunday is the second missile launched by the Korean leader within a week. Its neighbor South Korea stated that there is no hope for peace in the region after the latest nuclear weapons test.

According to a South Korean official, the latest missile fired by Jong-un appeared to be upgraded for long-range launch.

Sources said this extended version is far more superior to that of the missiles launched by its submarine warships. Reportedly, the newly tested missile, a week ago, was liquid-fueled and can cover a wider range than the one that landed within 60 miles of Russian territory.

Obviously, North Korea, really do not care about what the US says about its nuclear ambitions as its leader continues to defy calls to end its programs. China, its major, if not its only ally, had also called on the Korean leader to rein in its missile nuclear program. Chinese officials also reiterated to the North Korean Government that such weapons are necessary only for the legitimate defense of threats against the country's sovereignty.

Experts said North Korea's missile can reach the USA

Reportedly, the reclusive state’s nuclear missile stockpile now has weapons capable of reaching the American shores. On Saturday, its leader reiterated that its nuclear-tipped missile is within striking distance of the U.S. mainland. However, it was quickly debunked by missile experts, who said North Korea had exaggerated its claim.

President Donald Trump, who is in Saudi Arabia on official business, is aware of the latest missile launch. According to his spokesperson, the recent ballistic launch covered a shorter radius than the other test that was previously carried out by the North Korean leader.

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Rex Tillerson said the White House will continue to pressure the Kim Jong-un’s regime with diplomatic and economic sanctions.

Tillerson said Korea’s leader continues its defiance of the United Nations agreement and it is really disturbing as well as disappointing. The US Secretary of State added that the United States further call for the Korean leader to cease its nuclear antagonism.