On Saturday night US President Donald Trump began his speech at a rally in Pennsylvania on the occasion of marking the first 100 days of the presidency, with a new media attack. He also criticized a White House Correspondent dinner that was held in that same evening in Washington.

"Media such as CNN and MSNBC are Fake News, and they would like to be with us tonight, but they are 'imprisoned' on their evening that will be very, very boring," trump commented. He also criticized the New York Times as "a complete flaw," stating that those papers are becoming smaller and smaller.

He added that NYT is placed in a "nasty office located in a miserable location" after selling the former building in which the head office was located.

Trump also announced that he would soon "make a big decision" regarding the Paris Climate Agreement ,signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama. From the beginning of his presidential campaign, Trump was claiming that he will abandon that agreement. "I will make a decision on the Paris agreement in the next two weeks and see what will happen," Trump said in a speech in Pennsylvania. He described the Paris agreement as "unilateral" and said that the US paid "billions" for an agreement while countries such as China, Russia, and India paid "nothing."

America will be first

"We will no longer allow other countries to exploit us," the US President said, generally speaking about international agreements.

"From now on America will be first," Trump said, repeating his slogan from the election campaign. During his speech, Trump said that China helps the United States solve the "North Korean situation".

He said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a "good man" who "wants to take care of that situation".

"China has enormous power and we will see what will happen," Trump said.

He described North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as someone who "is causing the world a great deal of trouble". Speaking of his 100 days of authority, Trump said it was an "unbelievable journey."

Choosing to take part in, and celebrate the first 100 days at the Harrisburg conference, this was organized in the style of an election campaign instead of a gala dinner with representatives of US, world media, and Hollywood stars, Trump became the first US president in 36 years who did not attend the traditional annual gathering of officials of the White House.

Moreover, Trump said he was "thrilled to be 100 miles away from Washington" to talk about his "unbelievable journey" during the first hundred days in power. He noted that some of the successes of these 100 days were the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a decision to withdraw from the Transatlantic Partnership Agreement and concluded with "deploring the jobs out there and ensuring their return to the country".

White House correspondents advocate for freedom of the media

"We are not fake news, we have not fallen into the news organizations, and we are not enemies of the people," said Jeff Mason, a Reuters correspondent. Mason is also the organizer of the White House correspondents dinner.

"The attack on any of us is attacking us all," Mason added. "We have to be careful. The world is watching us," he said. Mason also pointed out that they are there to celebrate media and not the presidency.