In more ways than one, it was predictable that the Republicans would do whatever it takes to repeal Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Even if it meant cobbling together something that would help secure the votes needed to start the process.

The Republicans had tried unsuccessfully back in March but re-emerged with a revamped bill that would certainly garner enough votes to squeeze it through the GOP-dominated House. And for their pivotal achievement, they celebrated the historic event!

Low sentiment towards the American Health Care Act

However, while the celebration continues on Capitol Hill, there were others not celebrating their victorious milestone.

A new poll conducted shows that Americans are worried about what’s inside the American Health Care Act. Reportedly, a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University highlights that the revamped bill is similar to the one submitted back in March. In fact, the survey showed it is more a political dud rather than an ideal replacement for Obamacare.

According to the survey, about 21 percent of U.S. citizens approved of the Republican’s replacement, which is just slightly up from March’s 17 percent. The Quinnipiac survey showed 56 percent disapproves of the GOP’s bill, therefore, the majority of Americans are unhappy with the touted Obamacare replacement. In the same study, it shows that about 9 percent of pollsters said they strongly approved of it.

However, the bill has a 46 percent disapproval rate. This strongly suggests a ratio of 5-1 against the Republican’s bill. Many are adamant in their stance against the legislated bill highlighting that enthusiasm for the bill is in the low percentile range. Perhaps, this will be an onus on the Republican party with even their supporters expressing their disapproval of the bill.

Republican's bill has dismal approval rate

Reportedly, Quinnipiac Surveys are usually very hard on bills passed by Donald Trump and his Republican administration. However, this is not the only poll that shows the dismal approval ratings from the American people. Another poll conducted by CBS News station shows that the GOP bill's unpopularity is at 62 percent.

And while the bill had garnered enough votes from the House Freedom Caucus members, it only managed to pass by the slimmest margin.

Surprisingly, several Republican senators are still sitting on the fence with only 48 percent approving. There is another 16 percent that disapproves and 36 percent still undecided. The same study shows that 21 percent of GOP members strongly approved of the legislation.

The biggest caveat in all this, only 20 House Republicans signed the GOP's health care bill. In other studies, 60 percent of independent voters oppose the health care replacement and 18 percent agrees. In addition, another 48 percent show strong disapproval and 9 percent are in approval.

These surveys measured the sentiment of likely U.S. voters towards the Republican President and his administration. Critics are saying, the proverbial writing is already on the wall for the U.S. 2018 mid-term election.