President Trump said Australia's health system is better than the healthcare system in the United States. Donald Trump made the statement shortly after the Republican’s victorious House vote to repeal the current health care law. The United States health law is popular called Obamacare, it was signed by ex-President Barack Obama to tackle the nation's decades- old health care crisis.

As a Republican candidate Trump promised his followers that if he is the next U.S. President, he would repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare ) once he enters the White House.

And since President Trump entered the Oval Office he had worked assiduously to have the Affordable Care Act dismantled. But with many GOP senators lashing out against the Republican’s replacement he was unable to conjure up enough vote for the new bill to move forward.

Senate Democrats vowed to fight for Obamacare

Trump was addressing the media after he came out of a press meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The U.S. Leader was ecstatic about the historic vote, however, he still has a major hurdle to cross before he will be able to finally kill Obamacare. Trump's new health care bill now waits for the approval of the US Senate, which will be an uphill battle to get the 51 votes needed for the bill’s progression.

Democrats have already expressed their displeasure at the hurriedly passed House bill and have vowed to fight for the Obamacare policy. Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders said the Republican’s bill, which will remove coverage from over 20 million citizens will not make it through the Senate. Sanders also mocked President Trump’s assertion about Australia’s Health Care System.

He said the president is right and added that America is the only major country that does not provide affordable health care coverage for its citizens.

Australians get free health care at public hospitals

In Australia, the health care system is universal, this means all citizens have access to doctors and public hospitals free of cost.

Australia’s system was originally introduced in 1975 by former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. It is mostly funded by the Australian government, but some services receive funding from other private health insurance networks.

Australia's health system focuses on providing the most equitable and efficient health care solution. Additionally, citizens also have access to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which covers some charges of prescription drugs. However, while Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, its citizens can only choose doctors that are members of the government health network.

Data released in 2014 shows that the US government spent 17 percent of its GDP on health care while Australia spent just 9 percent. Reportedly, the Australian government levied a two percent tax on all taxpayers, this is used to help fund the country's free health care system.