A 35-year-old Mississippi man, Corey Godbolt of Bogue Chitto, shot and killed eight people Saturday night in three separate locations in a shooting rampage.The victims included including two children and the deputy sheriff who responded to a 911 call.

Godbolt, who is separated from his wife, was reportedly intent on getting custody of his children. According to state investigators, Godbolt only stopped shooting when he finally had no more bullets. He was arrested by local police after also being shot and is facing charges of capital murder and seven counts of first degree murder.

Suicide by cop was Mississippi man’s intention in domestic dispute

Godbolt was interviewed by a Clarion-Ledger reporter at the arrest scene and he said his intention was “Suicide By Cop,” and that he isn’t fit to live after what he’s done.

According to the report by the Clarion-Ledger, Godbolt’s shooting rampage started at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. A 911 call was received by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office relating to a domestic dispute at a residence in Bogue Chitto. Godwin told the Clarion-Ledger he was talking to his wife, her step-father and mother about taking his children home when someone not related to the home called 911.

He said this cost Deputy Sheriff William Durr his life. Durr was married with an 11-year-old son and had been with Brookhaven Police Department for four years.

All victims except the deputy sheriff were related to the Mississippi man

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Godbolt shot victims in three separate residences, two of which were in Brookhaven.

While police have not yet identified the other victims in the shooting rampage or mentioned their relationship to Godbolt, a member of his church told the Associated Press that they were all related to him.

Vincent Mitchell, Godbolt’s stepfather-in-law said that among the victims in the first home were his wife, Barbara Mitchell and her sister, Brenda May.

Toccarra May, a daughter of his wife, was also killed. According to Mitchell, Godbolt’s wife and the couple’s two children had been staying at his home for several weeks. He said Godbolt had been at the home to talk to his wife and was leaving when Deputy Sheriff Durr arrived. It was then that Godbolt pulled out his gun and started shooting. Mitchell and Godbolt’s wife were able to escape the shooting rampage.

According to officials, over a period of seven hours, Goldbolt went on to visit two other homes. In the second home, two boys were found dead, while the bodies of a man and woman were found in a third location.

Two young students killed in shooting rampage identified

According to The Daily Leader, two students killed in the shooting rampage were identified by school officials as Jordan Blackwell and Austin Edwards.

Blackwell was a student of Brookhaven High School while Edwards was a Lipsy Middle School student.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said in a statement that Godbolt has not yet been charged and was receiving treatment for his gunshot wound.