Michelle Obama lashed out at Donald trump on Friday when the former first lady responded to the President's cancellation of the kid's nutrition program. Mrs. Obama said that feeding the nation's children a healthy and nutritious diet is not a political avenue, but a basic childcare and parenting obligation.

Michelle Obama railed against healthy diet cuts

And while she did not cite President Trump's name, the former first lady focused on some changes the Republicans had declared a week ago. The school feeding program that she had championed while in the White house was nullified by the current administration.

Obama let her feelings known while she was at a gathering of the Association for a Healthier America. She added that they should try to consider why someone would not approve of their children partaking in a healthy and nutritional diet.

Barack Obama's wife also reiterated that they have to fight to ensure that no one takes their rights away. To a cheering crowd, Obama declared that they should let their elected officials know that no one on this planet has the right to play with the nation's children. Sonny Purdue, Trump's agriculture-food nutrition secretary, reported the changes that were made to the school lunch program during a school cafeteria tour in Leesburg, VA.

Purdue, at the time, said he heard the voices of the kids and school administrators.

He later added that adults know that children are quite straightforward about the food they like or dislike. However, he said the food served at schools doesn't have to be only nutritious but also healthy as well. The agricultural-food nutrition secretary also said foods will not go in the waste baskets if a tasty but healthy alternative is provided for children.

However, several sources reported that the changes to school meals policy declared by the White House will not assist with the regulations for healthier dieting habits among America's young children.

Healthy American supported by candy makers

Michelle Obama at the meeting in Washington, D.C., said committing our children to eat smartly will help to fight the obesity problem that is plaguing many Americans.

The Association for a Healthier America is a charity that works with private enterprises to help encourage children's healthier diets and eating habits.

The charitable organization had recently received assurance from a few companies that manufactured chocolate and sweets. They promised to make smaller portions as well indicate the number of calories on the packaging. These companies include Mars Chocolate and Nestle USA.

The Association for a Healthier America began with Michelle Obama's initiative when she was the U.S. First Lady. However, after leaving the White House, Mrs. Obama still serves as the director of the non-profit organization.