Melania Trump did it again! Slowly, the 47-year-old is becoming the hero of the many for not giving in Donald Trump’s demand for the second time around. To recall, when the first couple was walking on the red carpet in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, the POTUS tried to reach for her hand, but she flicked it away. Now the same thing happened when they were about to climb down the stairs from their private plane.

Melania pretends she didn't notice Donald's hand

As the Air Force One arrived in Rome, the First Lady and the President of the United States of America are preparing to go down the stairs to meet the dignitaries.

After they wave at the people, the 70-year-old tried to reach for his wife’s hand, but she once again ignored it and pretended to fix her hair.

Pretending like nothing happened again, the business magnate just held her on the back and went on their way. Of course, this one made its rounds on Twitter again. In fact, someone said that the former model just gave “talk to the hand” a whole new meaning.

Another one said that the former television personality never learns his lesson as he constantly wants to touch his wife’s hand. And now that they are in Rome, another Twitter user is waiting what the POTUS will touch this time.To recall, he has touched a glowing orb in Saudi Arabia and the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Melania could be an American hero if she divorces Donald

Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler is one of the people who find it funny that Melania snubbed Donald’s unspoken command. While promoting her show “The View” on Netflix, she told her co-hosts that she has a fantasy that the Slovenia-born beauty will come out and divorce the POTUS.

“She would be an American hero,” she said. The 40-year-old comedienne would definitely give her a hug if Melania would confess that Donald is actually disgusting and she is willing to reveal all of his dirty little secrets.

A new crowd favorite

Additionally, Melania is being a crowd favorite today for snubbing Donald a number of times.

As a matter of fact, some now thinks that she hates him or they are just having a lover’s quarrel. To recall, the scenario in the president’s inauguration day quickly went viral when her face completely fell as her husband turned his back on her. The Twitterverse, then, gave birth to the hashtag #FreeMelania, which is also seen on the placards of the Women’s March in January.