A Gay Couple was flying with their three-year-old twin boys and five-year old daughter from Buffalo, NY to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday. Grant Morse and Samuel Ballachino claim Southwest Airlines showed discrimination against them when its agent denied them Family boarding privileges for the flight.

Southwest Airlines frequent flier is shocked by the incident

Morse is a frequent Southwest flier and was shocked by the treatment they received. He told NBC2 that he’s always loved flying with the airline, but that Southwest Airlines did not show him any love in return on Saturday.

Instead, he claims they showed him hate.

According to Morse, they attempted to use family boarding for themselves, their three children and the children’s grandmother. However, once arrived at the gate they were told by the Southwest Airlines agent that it was for family boarding only. Confused, Morse replied they are a family, indicating himself, his husband and three children. The agent continued to insist it was family boarding only and according to Morse, she was very sarcastic. Morse told Buzzfeed News that they were embarrassed and humiliated by the agent and that they looked like second-class citizens as they stood there.

Southwest Airlines denies any discrimination in the incident

Southwest Airlines told NBC2 in a statement that the incident did not relate in any way to discrimination. Their spokesperson said family boarding privileges includes parents, adding that the children should have been allowed by the agent to board. However, they went on to say the grandmother would not have been included in the privilege and would have had to wait.

Morse countered that statement saying that was not what was said to him at the gate. What he said happened was that the Southwest Airlines agent eventually allowed one of the men to board the plane with the three children, while the other had to wait with Morse’s mother.

He went on to ask how the airline could expect one parent to board three children under the age of six, with three strollers and other baby related paraphernalia, all at the same time. He said it was physically impossible. Morse added that even worse, their family was split up on the flight as flight attendants had saved four seats for them at the back, instead of the required six.

Airline to be sued by gay dad

Buzzfeed reports that Morse has now filed complaints with both Southwest Airlines and the Aviation Consumer Protection Division over the discrimination. He is demanding a written apology from the CEO of the airline, along with a commitment by Southwest Airlines to diversity training for its employees.

Morse also added that he would like to see the gate agent in question fired. He went on to say he has taken legal counsel and any financial compensation he receives will be donated to anti-discrimination charities.