Melania Trump was seen ignoring her husband Donald Trump's command when he was trying to reach her hand. With that, a lot were cheering for the former model. In the First couple’s visit to Israel, the First Lady and the President of the United States of America were seen walking on the red carpet from Air Force One in Tel Aviv.

The 70-year-old business magnate took the lead and was alongside with his wife, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his spouse Sara, to meet the awaiting delegates. As the former television personality noticed that the Prime Minister and his wife were holding hands, he tried to reach for Melania’s, but he flicked his hand away.

Melania rejected Donald’s demand

It looked like Melania didn’t care about the cameras following them as she ignored Donald’s command. The businessman-turned-politician was extending and reaching her hand, but she tapped his hand away not giving what he wanted.

The 47-year-old Slovenia-born beauty kept her composure in her elegant crisp white pencil skirt paired with the same-colored blazer and dark eyeglasses. Donald, on the other hand, awkwardly fixed his necktie and kept walking like nothing happened.

As they were surrounded by a lot of people, media, and cameras, it can be expected that a clip of what happened would definitely be making its round on social media. In fact, it was now the subject of some debate whether Melania simply snubbed Donald or she was just trying to tell him that she doesn't have room to walk by his side because of the narrow red carpet.

Melania’s despair

Meanwhile, this was not the first time that Melania didn’t give into Donald’s command. To recall, when the first couple arrived in Washington in time for his inauguration, he tried to hold her hand before he completely went down the stairs, but she refused and just ignored it.

From here, a number of awkward incidents were seen between the First Lady and the President.

As a matter of fact, she is even considered as a trapped princess. When they shared their first dance as the First Couple of the United States of America, Melania was seen leaning away. There was even a viral clip that saw her behind her husband trying to force a smile as he was looking at her. The moment he turned away, the sweet beam faded and an unhappy face was seen.

It might because, and a lot even notice, that the President seems like often forgetting that she is always around him and this makes her look like quite desperate. Some even say that she looks like a mascot following her husband always. In fact, a controversial cover of Us Weekly even described her as a “secretly miserable First Lady.”