Citizens in several United States cities took part in the recent May Day protest. However, the most impressive were in two small cities in Pennsylvania. In the city of Reading three-quarters of the businesses there closed their doors in protest. Reportedly, 500 construction and agricultural workers participated in an organized strike that extends to Allentown.

Additionally, another troubling factor with these demonstrators is they were chanting 'Kill Trump! Kill Pence!' along with other expletives hurled at the Donald Trump's administration. The May Day protests were supposed to be peaceful events throughout the United States and other countries.

However, the protests plan for the U S turned into chaotic riots in several cities.

Protestors pelt smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails

In Portland, Oregon, authorities reported that after about an hour an anarchist group disrupted the event by pelting rocks, cans of soda, lead balls, and glass bottles at the crowd. Additionally, officers said smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails, as well as other incendiary devices were pelted on demonstrators. The rallies started at 3 p.m. ET and at about 4:30 p.m. ET violence erupted and the authorities had to quickly cancel the parade and rescind the protest permits.

Numerous people were arrested and the police had to use non-lethal weapons and pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators.

The city’s firefighters were dispatched to battle multiple blazes that were set by the crowd. An angry mob had destroyed a police car and attacked several police officers, who forcefully disperse them. A Target store, as well as several other businesses, had their windows smashed in the melee.

May Day protestors chants "Stand up, fight back."

Reportedly, officers detained more than twenty protestors near Pioneer Square. An additional eight people were detained in the Olympia area after the angry crowd attacked several police officers, who were also injured in the violence. In the Washington D.C. area law officials ordered several groups of demonstrators to disperse.

According to the officers, the group was gathering to start riots in that area.

The police said some individuals they came in contact with were wearing masks. These people they stated were firing rocks from slingshots, using pepper spray and throwing bottles at other demonstrators. The May Day protests were supposed to be peaceful events, but it seems to be coordinated events of violence in many cities. At least four individuals were arrested in downtown Seattle where hundreds of protestors had gathered chanting "Stand up, fight back."