Marine Lepen lost the French presidential race. Bernie Sanders revealed that he was happy she lost because he felt that she was similar to Donald Trump. He praised France for rejecting racism and xenophobia.

Bernie Sanders responded to the French Election

While Sanders didn't mention the US election in his tweet, many felt that the election mirrored the 2016 election. Bernie sent a tweet congratulating Macron and the French people for rejecting racism and xenophobia.

Russia tried to hack the election?

LePen lost the election, earning only 36 percent of the votes.

Even if ten percent of the votes were "fixed" as some sources claim, she still lost the election.

Marine was the person that Trump wanted to win because he liked her stance on immigration. Like the United States election, Russia allegedly interfered by giving the voters misinformation via Wikileaks. It was so bad at one point that the French voters weren't sure what was the truth. They were forced to vote with their gut.

No Electoral College

Luckily for France, Occupy Democrats reported that there is no Electoral College to change the election result. Macron won with 63 percent of the vote with LePen earning 36 percent.

An interesting fact is that LePen's percentage is the exact number that Trump's approval rating came in this morning, May 8.