The biggest story in American politics over the last week has been what the future will hold for the health care system in the country. After Republicans took the first step to repeal the affordable care act, or Obamacare, the White House is now in damage control as the backlash has only increased.

Conway on health care

It was just a year after Barack Obama was elected that he signed the Affordable Care Act into law, setting off a political battle that continues to this day. During the 2016 presidential election, each Republican candidate had their own vision on the issue of health care, but it was Donald Trump who had the strongest message.

After surprising many by winning the Republican primary, the former host of "The Apprentice" went on to pull off one of the biggest upsets in political history with his general election victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Throughout his campaign and since his inauguration, Trump has vowed to take strict action in repealing Obamacare, and replacing it with a plan of his own. Last week, House Republicans passed "Trumpcare," as it is now known, with the bill now on its way to the GOP-controlled Senate. Despite this, Democrats and other critics have come down hard on the bill in question, leaving many in the administration playing defense. As seen during a May 7 appearance on Fox News, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway did her best to defend the president's plan.

While speaking to "Fox & Friends" on Fox News on Sunday, Kellyanne Conway was pressed on the issue of health care. Co-host Clayton Morris pointed out that Democrats are saying the bill was "now going to kill them," which prompted Conway to fire back.

"It's easier to jeer from the cheap seats than come up with a message of your own and be honest about the facts," Kellyanne Conway said, before labeling Democratic criticism as "outrageous" and "untrue." Conway then went on to attack the media for backing the rhetoric coming from the Democrats, saying, "the enablers in the mainstream media not calling out those breathless, heartless predictions, and going right on to prognostication for 2018." Not stopping there, Conway continued to bash the press, saying that their job should be to "tell you what’s actually in the bill, not to allow others to scare."

Moving forward

While Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and others in the White House do their best to defend the Republican Party's actions on health care, it doesn't appear as if Democrats will be backing down anytime soon. As the media also holds the GOP's feet to the fire, it's likely going to be a tough fight for the foreseeable future.