Donald Trump is usually the one who vents his frustrations on social media, but it's also rubbed off on some of his closest advisers. After Hillary Clinton was critical of the president during a recent interview, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway decided to give her thoughts and wasn't too pleased.

Clinton backlash

Once it became more than obvious that Donald Trump would not be able to get on the same page as the mainstream media, he decided to go in a different direction in order to promote his political agenda. It didn't take long, but once the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to capitalize on his social media following, Twitter quickly became his number form of communication.

Bypassing the press, Trump was able to rally millions of Americans who have long distrusted more mainstream news outlets, especially those who they accuse of having an alleged "liberal bias." For the better part of the last two years, Trump's tweets have created constant controversy, which has also rubbed off on members of his team. Kellyanne Conway has also been forced to deal with her own issues, most notably the creation of the term "alternative facts" to describe the falsehoods coming out of the White House. As seen on her Twitter account on May 2, Conway went off on Hillary Clinton for the former Secretary of State's recent comments about the president.

Appearing at the Women for Women luncheon on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton took several shots at Donald Trump, while also mocking him on more than one occasion over his use of Twitter.

Also during the interview, Clinton blamed her upset defeat last November on FBI Director James Comey, as well as Russian election interference. In response, Conway lashed out with several tweets of her own.

Conway on Twitter

"Lack of self-awareness is stunning," Kellyanne Conway tweeted in regards to Hillary Clinton blaming others for her election loss.

"@camanpour asks right question: 'What was your message?' (Must we wait for memoir to get an answer?)" Conway continued.

Not stopping there, Kellyanne Conway moved forward with her Twitter attack on Hillary Clinton.

"You Ignored WI. Called us deplorable/irredeemable. Had oodles of $$ & no message. Lost to a better candidate," Conway tweeted, before signing off with "From: Woman in the White House." While Conway and the president continue to hit back at Clinton over her loss, it appears not everyone is on board as the latest polls show an approval rating for the president of just above 40 percent.