Hillary Clinton won the popular election by 3 million more votes over Donald Trump, and she's bent on making sure no one forgets that. In a new interview, Clinton insists that she unofficially won the election despite getting 227 electoral college votes to Trump's 304.

Trump didn't win on "anger," Hillary insists

The former Secretary of State shrugs off the notion that Trump won the election because angry Americans swung the presidency in his favor. She dismisses the theory by saying it's not a good strategy for most people. She didn't leave Bernie Sanders out in her interview with New York Magazine.

"I beat both of them," Hillary Clinton told the magazine, adding that "anger is not a good strategy for most people." Clinton expounded that people can't be angry for themselves. It makes sense to be "indignant," "annoyed," and "frustrated," but anger isn't productive.

On Friday Hillary returned to her alma mater at Wellesley College to deliver a commencement address where she skewered Donald Trump without actually using his name. She drew parallels of Nixon's presidency and Trump's in regards to being investigated. She noted that at the time of Nixon's presidency, many were upset with a man who faced "impeachment for obstruction of justice."

Of particular similarity was she pointing out that he fired the individual who was running at the Department of Justice.

Nixon resigned after he was thought to be impeached in 1974.

Her take on FBI firing

What does Hillary Clinton think of Trump firing former FBI Director James Comey. She reveals that she's "less surprised" than she is "worried." She feels that Trump's motives for letting Comey go has to do with attempting to destroy the Russian inquiry.

She believes that Comey should have been disciplined for his role in harming her chances in the election, but an abrupt firing was just too suspicious.

The shock of November election

When it came to the election results in November, Clinton admits she was stunned and thought in the end she'd pull out and win. She cites data that indicated she was going to come out the winner and that nobody predicted what would eventually be by the end of November 8.

Contrary to Trump's estimations of Clinton's rallies, Hillary adds that she had great crowds, high energy, and that the campaign really believed she was going to be elected the next president.

Hillary Clinton does say she takes responsibility for her election loss and realizes that won't satisfy all of her detractors. She said she wasn't a perfect candidate and doesn't know anyone who was.