Hillary Clinton said that she is pretty sure why she lost the recent presidential election. She said that she was on her way to a historic win to become the first woman president of the United States when FBI Director James Comey and Russia via Wikileaks stepped in and scared off late voters. She also suggests that a lot of sexism and misogynist was involved. She did not mention that the Comey and Wikileaks revelations concerned her keeping a private email server with national secrets on it that were open to any hacker to scrutinize.

More sober analysts suggest that Clinton lost because she was a terrible candidate and underestimated Donald Trump’s ability to connect with Democratic voters who had become disillusioned by eight years of economic stagnation at home and mounting chaos abroad.

Clinton lacks the necessary humility to realize that she was the author of her own defeat. Naturally it had to be sinister outside forces that made sure that she did not become president and instead is a private citizen and is now a proud member of “the Resistance.”

Yes, she went there. Hillary Clinton now thinks she Princess Leia and that Trump is Darth Vader. She has forgotten nothing and has learned nothing.

The problem with Clinton and too many of her supporters is that they think her defeat was a fluke. That means that they will approach 2020 without considering the underlining reasons for 2016. Doing that means that they will march blindly into defeat again.

Clinton also makes herself unattractive and arrogant next to previous Republican candidates.

Neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney spent months grousing about shadowy conspiracies that kept them out of the White House and put Barack Obama in. In the former case, an economic meltdown, an unpopular war, and a cranky electorate denied the senator from Arizona his desire to be president. In the latter case, a profoundly weak candidate failed to unseat a weak and unpopular president.

Hillary Clinton really needs to stop talking and stop making public appearances. She is said to be working on a book in which she expands on her excuse making for her election defeat. She should stop that too. Nobody outside her narrow circle of supporters wants to hear it.

By the way, Team Hillary should stop trying to make daughter Chelsea the heir apparent to the House Clinton.

The former first daughter and would-be princess lacks even a smidgeon of accomplishment or discernable talent to be an elected official. At best she is headed for an undistinguished career in the House if mom and dad can find a seat to buy for her.

Let the Clintons and Clintonism end. Let the long national nightmare be over.