15-year-old Jordan Edwards was a Mesquite High School freshman who had just attended an end of school year party when the shooting incident happened. He was seated in a car with several other teenagers – including his own two brothers – when Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver fired several rounds with a rifle into the vehicle, killing Edwards. His two siblings had to sit and watch their brother die. The police officer in question has since been terminated from his job.

Teenagers were enjoying end-of-year party when the shooting started

There were around 100 teenagers at the raucous house party on Saturday evening and a neighbor had complained that several cars were blocking neighbor’s driveways.

According to Officer Pedro Gonzalez, police arrived on the scene at 11 p.m. and were trying to contact the owners of the house when they heard the several gunshots outside the home. He said the gunshots caused a chaotic scene, with many teens fleeing the scene.

According to attorney Lee Merritt, Edwards’ brother, 16, was the driver of the car and after the shooting occurred, he suddenly noticed smoke coming from Jordan’s head. He then reportedly flagged police for assistance.

Neighbors said that when the first officer arrived on the scene, the teenagers started to scatter, and then the second officer, Oliver, arrived.

Police said as Oliver approached the car, it pulled forward while he was still speaking to the teens and they continued driving away. Oliver then opened fire on the vehicle, shooting Jordan in the head. The teenager was taken to a local hospital where passed away from his wounds.

The officer had originally claimed the car had been backing up towards the police officers in what he termed “an aggressive manner.” Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber said in a news conference on Monday that the original story about the shooting was incorrect and that the car was driving away when the Dallas cop opened fire.

Dallas police officer fired

As reported by CNN, Tuesday saw an announcement by Haber to the effect that Oliver, the second police officer to arrive at the scene, has now been fired. According to Haber, Oliver has been employed at the Balch Springs Police Department since July 2011 and during his employment has violated various departmental policies, although he did not elaborate which policies they were, as the officer does have a right to appeal.

However, Oliver is still under investigation by officials and could be charged for the crime. Haber added that after viewing the video of the incident, he doesn’t believe it meets the department’s core values. He also apologized for giving out wrong information about the incident, saying he was in a rush to get the story out in an effort to maintain transparency.

Teenager’s family fighting for justice in their son’s shooting

Jordan’s family gave a statement in which they said they are grateful Oliver has been terminated from his job and went on to thank the police chief for his efforts toward achieving justice in the shooting of the teenager. However they added there is still a long way to go.

The family added that while Oliver’s actions were the worst that evening, he was not the only police officer involved in the incident.

Lawyers Merritt and Jasmine Crockett, acting for the Edwards family, noted that Jordan’s two brothers, occupying the same car, had experienced the tragic shooting up close. Reportedly after the shooting, the brothers’ ears were still ringing when they suddenly noticed Jordan was slumped down in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Merritt went on to say that after the teenagers flagged the police down for assistance, they were intimidated, manhandled and even arrested, when their young brother was dying in the vehicle.

According to a report by Buzzfeed, the family has vowed to fight to ensure all police officers involved in the incident are properly reprimanded, but they did add that people should not commit violence against police officers or march in protest of their son’s death.

Honor student and athlete

The Mesquite Independent School district described Jordan as an honor student and an athlete who was well liked by his coaches, teachers and fellow students. They added that the entire school district is mourning the tragic loss of the teenager.