The Wade Brothers of Liberty Township, Ohio are graduating seniors. One by one they all got letters of acceptance to Yale and Harvard. The Quadruplets have not decided which Ivy League school they will attend. Neither have they decided if all of them will go to the same college.

Nick Wade was the first to find out he was accepted. Aaron was the next to find out his exciting news. Nigel checked, and he joined his 18-year-old brothers' excitement because he was also accepted. Zach was going to wait until track practice was over before he checked.

The three other brothers didn't want to wait 20 more minutes, so they checked for him. To everyone's delight, Zach was also accepted.

Quadruplets accepted to other colleges

Besides Yale and Harvard, the quadruplets from Lakota East High School were also accepted to other schools. This makes their choices more challenging with other schools added to the mix. Nick was accepted to Duke, Georgetown, and Stanford. Aaron was accepted to Stanford. Nigel could go to Johns Hopkins or Vanderbilt. Zach could choose Cornell. This means the Wade brothers might go to different colleges since all of these schools are not on everyone's list of choices.

The quads' interests will have a great deal to do with their school choice.

Nick plans to double major in international relations and economics. Aaron's career interests include computer science and cognitive science. Nigel wants to major in neuroscience. Zach wants a future in engineering.

Reaction from parents

Darrin Wade, 51, works for General Electric. His wife, Kim, is a school principal. They say they have saved some money for their sons’ educations.

However, they said it’s not enough to pay full tuition for four students for four years at such prestigious private universities. Therefore, financial assistance will play a major part in the boys' final decision. They are glad to know that both Harvard and Yale do offer financial support.

Not the first time

This is not the first time a set of quadruplets had to make a similar decision.

In 2010, Kenny, Martina, Ray and Carol Crouch were accepted to more than one university. The two boys and two girls chose to attend Yale for different reasons, according to the New York Times. Even though the siblings wanted to be together, they chose Yale because it met their personal needs. Perhaps the Wade quadruplets will use the same method and go to the school that matches each career interest.