"Highschool Musical" duo Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel surprised the Disney film's fans with the recently released new rendition of their "What I've been looking for." It was ten years ago when Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), Gabriela Montez (Vanessa Hudgens), Sharpay (Tisdale) and Ryan Evans (Gabreel) were first introduced to us. Now, the Evans siblings have returned to show their fans something special. Will this be a bridge towards their new endeavors together?

Evans siblings reunited!

Ashley Tisdale posted her new video posted her new video with Gabreel on YouTube.

The 32-year-old singer-actor shared how it has been ten years since they sang "What I've been looking for" together. While thinking of the best song they could share together, the earlier mentioned piece instantly popped out of his mind. As for their new rendition, he said, "I started learning it on the piano and I was instantly taken aback…All of these memories came coming back."

Before the duo started to sing together, it became inevitable to talk about the past experiences. Both discussed on and off screen scenarios during their career on "Highschool Musical." Gabreel shared how going on tour was the most memorable part for him, which he believes all of them felt as well. On the other hand, the 31-year-old female star confessed that she was not always in good terms with her prominent co-star.

However, Tisdale admitted that while they haven't been awesome friends, she realizes her brotherly love for him as they wrap up. As for their magical performances, both stars began complimenting their talents. Tisdale described Gabreel as the best singer among the casts who would always hit any note.

'Highschool Musical': do you still remember it?

The Disney franchise was first released in 2006. It went on as a trilogy helmed by the network's finest, Kenny Ortega. The film received several achievements gaining over 225 million viewers worldwide. With Efron and Hudgens' lead play, the script was reviewed and described as a modern version of Romeo and Juliet's story.

Moreover, Tisdale plays as the school diva Sharpay Evans who will do anything just to ruin the fun and romance. She is being assisted by her younger brother, Ryan Evans. Last year, the cast gathered again to celebrate the tenth year anniversary of the franchise. Furthermore, it has been reported already that the fourth sequel is in the works, with new people to introduce so watch out for more updates.