John Brennan, former Cia Director testified before the House Intelligence Committee that he has "unresolved questions" over the link between Russia and key personnel in Trump's administration. He also added that the investigation over these alleged collisions were well founded.

Brennan knew of communications between Russia and Trump's campaign officials

As Brennan said that he was concerned about the known fact of Russian efforts of bribing individuals to gain cooperation. However, he still has questions about the level of Russian success in interfering with the recent U.S.

elections through collusion with key trump campaign persons in a "witting or unwitting" fashion.

Brennan also said that many people who are getting themselves tied up to treasonous moves don't realize their actions until it is too late. He also told the committee that Russian intelligence normally recruit U.S. personnel to work on its behalf even to this day and that makes the FBI investigation over the Russian issue "well-founded."

Trump administration's ties to Russia: how is the White House reacting to the continued investigation?

After the Washington Post published a bombshell article of President Trump leaking confidential "code-word" information to Russians invited to the White House, the republican party are severely stunned.

Republican senator Bob Corker said that because of the added issue made by Trump, the White House is going into a downward spiral.

"Can we have a crisis free day" was Republic Susan Collins' light-heated comment over the appalling report of Trump's leakage of confidential material. However, even with the massive negative impact on Trump's credibility, the American president continued on to visit the Middle East and even come face to face with Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu to clear up issues of him leaking key Israeli-supplied Intel to Russia.

What is Russia's comment on the continued accusation of Moscow's meddling of U.S. affairs?

The Kremlin blatantly said that the United States should either stop accusing Russia or present evidence to claims. This was the statement delivered by Dmitry Peskov, Russian president spokesperson. He said that without evidence, each accusation made by the United States is groundless and indecent.

Until now, conclusive evidence of Russian hacking is still not presented publicly and this delay continues to fuel speculations. Trump on the other hand brushes all of these accusations off his shoulders as he tries to provide a solution to terrorism and Middle Eastern divide that continues to perpetuate disunity in the area.