As one of the #world's worst cyber attacks spread across the world on Friday and Saturday, causing panic, mania and loss of profits, many businesses, universities, companies and government organizations were affected and had to make a hard decision: should they Pay the demanded $300 to retrieve their data? Or should they resist paying and lose their online data and records forever?

Tips about avoiding #the virus popped up on threads across Asia and Europe, with people in Taiwan giving pointers as to how to avoid the malware and how to keep your software and computer safe.

Guidelines and recommendations were swapped and recorded to prevent the cyber attack from causing even more chaos.

Apple Daily, a tabloid paper in Tawain, said that their research and analysis indicated the attacks might be from China. The newspaper claimed that the attackers’ maladroit English was similar to the fluent, sometimes playful, messages that popped up on operating systems in China, hence the claim.

The attack, however, also hit China hard, with business and universities being hit according to the state-run news media on Saturday. There was an emphasis on universities being attacked with students losing their research and academic work.