On Saturday, the United Kingdom's health system had finally healed from a vicious global #ransomware attack that disrupted business and companies and other services in as many as 100 countries.

Russia was deemed the worst hit but those Russian companies and services were soon restored and contained as other countries faced the attack. Other companies facing big hits were Renault, Fedex, Microsoft and the British health service.

This was undoubtedly the #largest Cyber Attack to be unleashed ever and it held company's data to ransom, at a price of $300.

Experts said that the attackers could make up to $3billion in revenue if people chose to pay the ransom amount.

Europol, the EU's police and security agency, claimed that the #vicious attack was seen to operate at "an unprecedented level and will require a complex international investigation to identify the culprits".

The brash effort to to #extort money from computer users was so unparalleled that Microsoft did a turnaround on its security policy and offered free security fixes for all older Windows systems – used by millions of people and small businesses worldwide.

The cyber attackers targeted a susceptibility in Microsoft Windows that had been first identified first by the #United States National Security Agency in its own intelligence-gathering research which was then leaked out to the internet.