Ever since Donald Trump was sworn into office last January, he's been dealing with constant scandals that have plagued his administration. While the controversies continue to hover over the White House, the president and many of his supporters appear more interested in the person leaking the information rather than the details.

Fox News on Trump

Over the last two years, Donald Trump has dominated the political headlines with his controversial campaign style and rhetoric. The former host of "The Apprentice" and his candidacy helped further widen the political divide in the United States, as liberals and those on the left were vocal in their opposition to his agenda, while conservatives and many right-wing Americans have stood by his side ever since.

One of the biggest issues to linger in the White House is the constant leak of information, most notably pertaining to the president's relationship with Russia. As seen in various speeches, interviews, and tweets, Trump has continued to deny any wrongdoing, with members of the right-wing media doing their best to back him. During the Saturday night edition of "Justice with Judge Jeanine" on Fox News, Jeanie Pirro went off on a controversial rant in her defense of the billionaire real estate mogul.

(Pirro goes off about the "leaker" at 3:35 in the above video.)

Kicking off her program on Saturday night, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro lashed out over the alleged "leaker" in the White House, claiming she might know exactly who it is, before calling for the person to be taken out.

After giving a brief recap of Donald Trump's recent foreign trip, praising it as a "home run," the host made a strong allegation.

"There is a leaker in the White House," Jeanine Pirro said, before adding, "There is a traitor inside the people's house.

A traitor who must be taken out." "This leaker needs to be found immediately, no holds barred," Pirro noted. Not stopping there, Pirro went on to say, "I have my own ideas, but I'm not ready to share them." "That person is an enemy of the United States," she added, before blasting the "media" for ignoring the story.

Moving forward

With Jeanine Pirro and others in the conservative media defending Donald Trump ad nauseam from the growing scandals against him, media outlets have provided facts and evidence to contradict with what the White House has used in their defense. The latest headlines involve Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, reportedly trying to set up a secret "back channel" communication with Russia.