Kim Jong Un North Korean Leader has inspected the launch a latest anti-aircraft missile system and directed its mass production and deployment all over the country, according to a report by the state news agency on Sunday, after months of fragrant defiance to UN resolutions to conduct series of missile tests.

North Korea's move to develop a warhead

The North’s news agency failed to report the exact nature of the missile and the time and location of the test but reported that it was arranged by the National Defense Academy of Science, an agency blacklisted for being suspected of developing nuclear weapons and missiles.

North Korea has been making frantic effort to develop a wide range of ballistic missile system capable of hitting the US mainland and has in recent days launched medium range ballistic missile believe to have the capacity to hit the US base of Guam, making some advanced and technological breakthrough.

Rejection of series of UN sanctions

The isolated state has rejected series of UN and other sanctions by nations against its nuclear weapon program as a breach of its right to defend and protect itself, insisting that the program is a means to counter US aggression.

The North Korean leader watched the launch of a latest anti-aircraft guided missile system organized by the National Defense Academy of Science, according to a report by the KCNA on Sunday.

This missile system, whose capability has been carefully confirmed, should be produced en mass and be deployed throughout the country – in order to entirely destabilize the enemy’s imagination maneuver the air, claiming of air supremacy and missile almighty, Kim Jung Un said as he supervised the launch.

Officials in charge of missile program named

According to the KCNA, Kim was in the company of his top military officials and named the high-ranking officials believed to be the most senior officers in the country’s highly developed missile weapon program.

On Monday, North Korea announced it had successfully launched what it referred to as intermediate-range ballistic missile that satisfied all technical specifications and may be mass-produced, although external officials and analysts queried the degree of its progress.

The US Defense Intelligence Agency chief warned on Tuesday that if not checked, Pyongyang is on an interrupted mission to acquiring a nuclear warhead capable of hitting the US mainland.

The Defense Intelligence Director Vincent Steward failed to give an estimated but when he appeared before a Senate hearing, but Western analysts believe Pyongyang is still years ahead to develop such a weapon.