This biggest story to dominate the political headlines this week was the CNN exclusive that claimed Russia had been planning to bribe Donald Trump with personal and financial information. Trump has since continued to push back at the report's validity, but new information shows the president-elect wasn't being so honest.

Trump and the Russians

The CNN report triggered Donald Trump to the point that he went on not one, but two separate Twitter tirades over the issue, referring to the network as "fake news." During Trump's press conference on Wednesday, the billionaire real estate mogul refused to allow CNN's Jim Acosta to ask a question, embarrassing the reporter in the process by calling him and the network "fake news." Trump and his transition team have continued to deny even being briefed on the allegations in question, but a new report seems to contradict their statements.

According to the Hill on January 12, FBI Director James Comey personally briefed Trump on the report last week.

Reported also by CNN and ABC News, the two-page "dossier" of information, that still remains unverified, was discussed in a meeting between James Comey and Donald Trump. The discussion over the information took place last Friday, and included only Trump and Comey in the room. The newest revelation on the story is a major contradiction compared to the rhetoric that has been repeatedly used by Trump and his transition team.

In addition to CNN's original reporting, Buzzfeed decided to go further and release alleged details of what Russia has in their possession.

Among other things, an alleged sex tape was obtained by Russian operatives that shows Donald Trump hiring two female sex workers who engaged in "golden showers," which is the sex act of the participants urinating on each other. While Trump didn't discuss the details of the Buzzfeed allegations, he did refer to the publication as a "failing pile of garbage."

Moving forward

Following the Russian blackmail report and allegations of a possible sex tape, Donald Trump faced backlash across social media.

The hashtag "golden shower" was trending on Twitter, which took place at the same time President Obama gave his Farewell Address in Chicago, Illinois. It's unknown what other developments will be released on the story, but it's expected that the former host of "The Apprentice" will continue to deny any wrongdoing.