As the fire from the Trump-Russia issue continues to catch the blazing curiosity of the public, the time for the president's reckoning has started. President Donald Trump, along with his family and advisers' circle, should now face the unavoidable effect of hiding something inside their closet.

Comey’s case and new revelations

When President Donald Trump dismissed James Comey as FBI Director, then the flame of doubt started to ignite. To mark his 110th day as the leader of the country, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. The bad news came to the former bureau director through a letter brought to him by Keith Schiller, the former breaking ball of New York Police Department.

After this, a grand jury was formed in the Eastern District of Virginia, which primarily aims to dig deeper about Trump's connection to Russia. In reality, the news about the grand jury was revealed to the public weeks prior to Comey's termination. Claude Taylor, a Washington Democrat, said in his tweets that there are nine sealed indictments in one case. He also revealed the speculation regarding the involvement of Trump family in moving money offshore - the same act of other dictator families such as Muammar el-Quaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Americans may not have the slightest perception that this will happen also in the land of Uncle Sam.

The link that ties Guiliani

The question now is, after dismissing Comey, who will lead the prestigious bureau?

Though there are some prominent names that were associated with the position, Rudy Guiliani is tops the list. The former New York City mayor is having quite a low profile charade lately but almost everybody has the knowledge about his own issues on ethics. Maybe his lawyers dictated his silence or he has been on the lookout for the vacant slot.

Obviously, Guiliani was behind the fall of Comey. Last October, the former city mayor declared his prediction that a big fish will be out of the basket and that he would certainly cast Hillary Clinton out of the picture. When Comey eventually burst out the final bubble about Anthony Weiner-laptop, Guiliani modestly said that he has nothing to do with it but he definitely heard about it.

As a part of the basis for terminating Comey, Weiner's laptop along with Huma Abedin's emails fueled the excuse of Trump's Department of Justice.

The Russian connection

Currently, the FBI is investigating connections between the camp of President Donald Trump and the Russian hackers. So is there any hint of the possible explicit friendship between them? There came out a revelation that Eric Trump boastfully said to a golf writer, back in 2014, that the Russians financed their family golf course, he called the writer a liar later. In addition to this seemingly strong tie between them, in 2008, Donald Jr. also stated that Russia has been pouring their assets with a lot of money. When the sons revealed this connection with pride, President Trump let out this information through a joke.