Dunkin' Donuts offers a free frozen Coffee sample today and it yours for the asking without having to buy a thing. This popular coffee chain is offering up a new Dunkin' Donuts product, which promises to be a frozen thirst quenching treat for the heat of the summer days.

If there is one thing to be said about Dunkin' Donuts is that they know how America likes their coffee. With that said, you know it's worth a try if this favorite coffee destination is offering up a new frozen coffee just in time for summer.

Frozen Freebie

The free frozen coffee samples are offered today, May 19, with hopes that Frozen Dunkin Coffee will be a treat you seek out often during the hot summer that's making its way across the country.

According to the Inquisitr, this day of free frozen coffee samples winds up Dunkins' week-long "Freeze the Day with 1K" promotion, and there are still other free giveaways waiting for some lucky customers today.

Now on menu

According to WTNH News, Dunkin' Donuts started offering their Dunkin Frozen Coffee on their menu yesterday and today, Friday, they are giving it away for free to entice the masses back for more. If you want your freebie sample today just show up at your nearest Dunkin' Donuts store between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and ask for a sample.

Four-hour free sample offer

This mixture of ice, coffee, and dairy will be offered today in a 3.5 sample cup at Dunkin' Donuts nationwide.

While the offer is gone after 2 p.m., this popular coffee destination does add "while supplies last," which is understandable.

By stating "while supplies last" they won't leave themselves open for stampedes of people without any recourse of shutting the freebie down. The days of freebies seem to be waning away, so there is no telling how many folks may take notice and take them up on this offer.

When giving away free frozen coffee, it might just bring in the crowds, despite the smaller size of the sample.

Wet your whistle

On a hot day, a 3.5 oz. cup is certainly enough to wet your whistle and quench your thirst. You might find that this taste of frozen coffee will leave you wanting more. In that case, just order up a full-size Dunkin' Frozen Coffee, as it is already on the menu to purchase.

Replacement for Coffee Coolatta?

Dunkin' Donuts decision to discontinue their Coffee Coolatta didn't go over very well with those who loved the frozen drink. The Coffee Coolatta "simply wasn't up to the chain's standards, executives said at the brand's media day in March," according to the Business Insider.

This new frozen coffee drink is seen as a replacement for the Coffee Coolatta, which was way out of whack with calories and sugar. If you consumed a Frozen Mocha Coolatta in a large size and added cream, you were taking in a whopping 990 calories from this liquid snack, not to mention 133 grams of sugar it contained.

Calories are up to you

Today's Dunkin Frozen Coffee is seen as a more reasonable choice for calorie intake.

You can still add in the cream and sugar to get that large frozen coffee up to about 840 calories, but what you put in the drink is optional, unlike the Frozen Coffee Coolatta of days gone by. Still, the die-hard Coffee Coolatta drinkers are not overly enthused with this replacement and would like nothing better than to see their favorite Coffee Coolatta go back on the menu.