For the first time since being sworn in as the President, Donald Trump made his first trip back to his home state of New York. However, due to political events in Washington, D.C. the trip was much shorter than originally planned. It was also announced that Trump would be making his first foreign trip. He will visit five countries later this month.

Trump's New York minute

Originally, President Donald Trump was supposed to have a six-hour visit to New York. He was supposed to meet with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the Peninsula Hotel.

Then he was going to stop by Trump Tower. Lastly, the Trumps and Turnbulls were going to attend a black-tie dinner aboard the Intrepid. This event honors World War II veterans from the Battle of Coral Sea.

However, a busy day in Washington, D.C. changed these plans. Trump signed the 'Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty' executive order. This order eases IRS enforcement of banning tax-exempt groups like churches from political speech. It also gives 'regulatory relief' to companies that object to the Affordable Care Act providing contraception in health care. Then the Republican health care bill passed in the House, giving Trump his first legislative victory of some kind.

In the end, Trump's trip to New York got cut to about three hours, all aboard the Intrepid.

He original meeting with Turnbull took place on board before the start of the event. Then both men gave remarks at the veteran's event. Trump then left after 9 p.m. and took a helicopter to his home at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

Trump's foreign destinations

President Donald Trump's foreign trip will first take him to Saudi Arabia.

White House officials said that Saudi leaders will bring together other Arab leaders. Their goal will be to find a long-term plan to stop ISIS funding and get others in the Middle East to contribute more to fight ISIS. They will also try to come up with a plan to have peace in the region down the road.

Trump will then go to Israel, to whom he pledged support during his 2016 campaign.

Trump has also promised to help broker peace with the Palestinians. In February, Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This past Wednesday he met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Trump agreed to meet with Abbas again during his stop in Israel.

Trump will then visit Vatican City, where he will meet with Pope Francis. This follows Pope Francis's two mincing words during the 2016 campaign over Trump's immigration policy. He will then go to Belgium on the 25th to visit NATO in Brussels after denouncing the organization during his campaign. The next day he will go to Italy, where he will have a meeting at the G7 summit in Sicily.