US fighters have intercepted two Russian bombers accompanied by two SU-35 fighters off the Alaskan coast earlier on Thursday, May 4th. This marked the fourth time Russian military planes flew extremely close to the US border within the past four weeks.

Why is Russia flying bombers near the US border?

The Pentagon hasn't released any confirmed reasons why Russian bombers and fighters are constantly flying near Alaskan airspace. However, some analysts think that this might be a method of testing the reaction time of the US Air Force.

The intercepted Russian Bombers were the massive TU-95's, nicknamed the "Bear" bomber and escorted by two SU-35 jets, which is the mainstay fighter of Russia.

The area these planes flew in is called the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone or (ADIZ) that covers 200 miles out from the US coastline. The area is still considered international waters but unidentified planes passing through the ADIZ are obligated to identify themselves.

The Russian planes were intercepted inside the ADIZ around 100 miles off the Kodiak island in Alaska. US fighters (F-22) scrambled to intercept the bombers and escorted them for 10 minutes until they turned back and flew away from Alaska. Reports say that the interception and escort of the Russian bombers and its escort fighters was done professionally. However, tension continues to rise as the Pentagon investigates on the possible motive of such maneuvers.

The US and Russia remain at odds over issues in Syria, and now the NATO buildup in Poland. Though diplomacy isn't severed, the tension is pushing both countries dangerously close to the precipice of war. The conflict-ridden Syria, along with its convoluted civil war constantly ignited by Russian and Iranian intervention serves as a thorn in the side of the US policy of pacifying the Middle East.

After Trump's controversial attack on Assad's forces for its alleged use of Sarin gas on its own people, US-Russian ties have dropped to a new low. For now, the tension between the two superpowers is in balance, though any misstep in diplomacy may plunge the world into another war.

What is Russia's stand on North Korea?

At the moment, Russia is with China condemning any form of preemptive strike made by North Korea or the US that would lead to war. Both Putin and Xi Jinping have said that Trump must remain calm and refrain from resorting to actions that may worsen the situation in the Korean peninsula.