china have successfully tested a new missile amid the heightened tension in the Korean peninsula. The test was reported to have been near the Bohai sea near the peninsula. Reports of the tests were stated by the Xinhua news agency and from direct statements coming from China's defense ministry.

What is China's new missile?

Full disclosure of the tests was not provided by the Chinese government. Though reports have stated that the missile was launched near the Bohai sea (near Korea). China warned the US of a defense system that they will put in place to counter THAAD in South Korea.

Though China didn't specify how they would set up such a system, the US will not take lightly such a threat.

Beijing added that live drills will continue as long as the the Korean Crisis doesn't de-escalate. China told reporters that the only way to end the Korean crisis is to mutually agree to "back off." However, North Korea and the US refuse to stand down and de-escalate. Because of this, Beijing is compelled to conduct military drills to safeguard itself from a possible war.

What is the US response to China's tests?

At the moment, the Pentagon hasn't responded to the missile test reports, but China is one of the major countries under strict surveillance by US intelligence. This is especially true after the capture of a US officers spying for operatives in China.

The expansion policy of Beijing is a major threat to US influence in Asia, especially in the South China Sea and the waters off Taiwan.

China wants to establish its influence over the area and nullify the American presence. This is why proper defensive maneuvers are needed if the US military wants to continue its dominance in the Pacific and Asian theater.

The US navy in the Korean peninsula is presently conducting drills with South Korea and other foreign contingents in the area. North Korea on the other hand is still desperately trying to successfully launch a missile of their own, but to no avail. A slightly irritated North Korean dictator may see China's tests as validation of Beijing's support of his regime.

China is North Korea's only ally in the area and knowing that China will not side with the US if war breaks out is integral to Kim Jong-un's war plan. As stated by the Chinese defense ministry, Chinese live drills will continue even amid the Korean crisis.