The Chinese Air Force is now a modern force capable of challenging the best in the world. China has claimed the entire South China Sea and also claims domination over the East China Sea. On Wednesday, two Chinese air force Su-30 fighters made an "unprofessional approach" to a US air force plane.

The plane was on a routine flight to detect abnormal activity in the area. The two fighters approached within 150 ft of the American plane. One of the fighters flew inverted over the U.S plane which was a WC-135 Constant Phoenix aircraft. Maybe the pilot wanted to show off his flying skill.

It was a dangerous maneuver and the government and military authorities have brought it to the notice of the Chinese authorities. The encounter lasted only a few seconds but a mishap can take place in less time. This news was reported by CNN international.

The SU-30

The SU-30 is a Russian plane which has been bought in large numbers by China. The Chinese have also done reverse engineering and copied the plane. They call it the Chengdu J-20. The Peoples Liberation Army Air force is a potent force. It is the dominant power over the China Sea. It has been tasked with defending China's interests in the China Sea as well as the Spratly Islands.


The Russian air force often buzzes US planes and ships.

This is not the case with China. This is a new development and a source of worry to the US military command. Spokeswomen Lt Col Lori Hodge of the PACAF said that "the issue is being addressed through appropriate diplomatic and military channels."

China is asserting itself and aims to be the dominant power in Asia. It has a formidable strength in the China Sea and peripheral nations like Vietnam and Japan are worried.

The act of buzzing the Wc-135 over international waters should not be brushed aside. Donald Trump, in search for an ally against Korea, may not be on the right footing. China had earlier shown its belligerence when it captured an unmanned American drone from the China Sea. The drone was later returned but the U.S reaction was muted.

The Chinese

The Americans have another carrier in the Western Pacific close to Japan and North Korea. This did not deter the Chinese from buzzing the U.S plane. The Chinese actions show a new-found confidence and maybe it was an attempt to show off the skills of their pilots.

The Chinese are the main opponent of U.S power in the Far East. The fond hope of Trump that China will rein in the North does not look likely in the light of the latest buzzing incident.