Buckingham Palace has called an emergency staff meeting. Queen Elizabeth had her most senior staff members call all of the royal family member's household for a meeting. Servants of the all the royal homes have been ordered to report to London.

At the time of publication, the reason(s) for this emergency meeting was unknown. Despite of this, or, perhaps, because of this, speculation has been running wild. Twitter blew up with “Maybe the Queen,” and hashtags of “BuckinghamPalace” and “PrincePhilip.”

Has Prince Philip passed away?

Social media immediately jumped on the idea that Prince Philip had passed away.

It has been reported this is not the case. The reports state both Prince Philip and the Queen Of England are both alive and well.

Both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are quite elderly. The possibility of their deaths grow stronger each day. Despite this, both the Queen of England and her husband appear to quite healthy and active.

"Maybe the Queen" takes a funny turn on Twitter

Despite the initial alarm that Prince Philip had passed away, the tweets became rather humorous with “Maybe the Queen.” Some tweets suggested Queen Elizabeth was going to “make America great again,” the campaign slogan of President Donald Trump, but taking the United States back.

Others suggested she had finally gotten hard-to-find movie box sets.

Some tweets stated she had completed a spoon collection from all the countries and provinces she had visited during her reign as the Queen of England. Some suggested Queen Elizabeth was finally making a stand against radical Islam. There were even tweets about how “maybe the Queen” had seen some of the leaked Netflix shows.

Emergency meeting could be serious

Despite the humor of Twitter users, such an emergency meeting for the servants of the royal family could be quite serious. This is especially true since the emergency meeting was called by Queen Elizabeth's most senior staff.

Until an official statement is made by Buckingham Palace, there is no way to know what the emergency meeting was about.

It could be something insignificant or it could be something of the utmost importance. Royal watchers, political leaders and fans of the royal family will simply have to wait to find out what the emergency was all about.

What do you think? Why would an emergency meeting be called? Could there have been a death in the royal family and Buckingham Palace is following royal protocol and not making a formal announcement at this time? What silly or strange reasons do you think such a meeting was called? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.