Barbra Streisand, who is a well-known supporter of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, recently gave quite a speech at her New York concert over the weekend. The 75-year old singer not only acknowledged the presence of Clinton and former President Bill Clinton but also expressed to the audience her feelings towards the current administration.

A standing ovation

During her concert, Streisand acknowledged the presence of the presidential nominee by calling her a "groundbreaking first lady" and the "winner of our country's popular vote." The audience quickly gave Clinton a standing ovation and a roaring applause.

Streisand's concert was one of two events in New York City, which she called her mini tour.

The award winning songwriter, actress, and filmmaker has long been a vocal supporter and fundraiser for the Clintons and was also very much present during her presidential campaign. Outside of politics, the "Tell Him" singer is also quite close with the Clinton family, which also explains why she has very strong feelings towards her losing the recent elections.

Calling out Trump

Aside from simply acknowledging the presence of the former United States Secretary of State, the singer also dished out a number of shots at the current United States President, Donald Trump. Streisand made a remark about Trump's age and about how he may be forgetting to take his Flomax prostate medication when he wakes up at 4 a.m.

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The singer also recalled how former President Bill Clinton had achieved so much during his presidency and how he had managed to lower certain taxes and increase the ones for the wealthy. Streisand then explained how important transparency was and how Clinton had no problems showing his tax returns. This was, of course, a clear shot at Trump who has since refused to release his own tax returns.

Continued support and resistance

Aside from taking potshots at the current administration, Streisand also revealed to fans that she will continue to support Hillary Clinton and that she will remain as an activist citizen and part of the "resistance."

The singer then lets the audience imagine a world that "could have been" and "what should have been" if Clinton had won the elections. Despite her active bashing of the Trump administration, Streisand still called for a bridging of the political divide, which was entirely unexpected given her previous statements.