Kara McCullough, the winner of the 2017 Miss USA pageant, in her question and answer session, said having health care in the United States should be a privilege, not a right. However, that comment created a firestorm on several social media platforms. On Tuesday, during a phone interview with TMZ, the newly crowned Miss USA said her answer was taken out of context.

Miss USA clarifies healthcare 'privilege, not a right'

She clarified her statement by saying Affordable Healthcare should be a privilege right for everyone. Additionally, she said American citizens should be able to visit the doctor and have the privilege to be able to afford medical services.

The Washington, D.C. winner said it is every American right to affordable health care coverage.

The winner of the 2017 United States pageant, said hopefully the "it's a privilege, not a right" remark will not decide how people view or shape her reign as Miss USA.

McCullough said she understands that her interview statement would create controversy, however, she said she owns what she said and hopes her clarification is acceptable. The beauty queen added that she is very appreciative of the health care coverage she has. At the end of the interview, she said hopefully one day everyone in America will be able to have access to affordable health care coverage.

McCullough won the Miss USA pageant after 3 entries

McCullough grabbed the title of Miss USA 2017 on Sunday. The Washington, D.C. contestant is a physical scientist and works for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. She also runs an outreach program for kids called Science Exploration or SE4K.

Born in Naples, Italy, to parents Betty Ann Parker and Artensel E.

McCullough Sr., she grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The beauty queen will now compete for the Miss Universe contest, the schedule for which is yet to be announced. The first runner-up was Miss New Jersey, Chhavi Verg, and Miss Minnesota Meridith Gould was the second runner-up. Additionally, Miss Illinois, Whitney Wandland and Miss South Carolina contestant Megan Gordon were among the top five.

The winner is also Miss S. Carolina State University

Miss USA 2017 graduated from South Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry by majoring in Radiochemistry. She is also the 75th Miss South Carolina State University winner. Her other accomplishments include the National Society of Black Engineers and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

McCullough was a contestant in the competition in 2015 and finished as the first runner-up to Miss District of Columbia, in 2016 she was also unsuccessful at winning the pageant. The saying three times is a charm seems to work perfectly for her this time, on her third attempt she won the coveted crown.