The #North Korean regime is treading a little too closely toward a nuclear conflict than is comfortable for most Americans – and South Koreans. Only a few weeks ago the government in South Korea had to assure its worried residents that things were fine and that nobody would be throwing bombs any time soon.

The threat of #nuclear war is one thing, but people's psychologies and fear levels are another. It's a well known fact that talk of war can drive up cortisol levels in a person's nervous system thus making stress and other bodily stressors a real issue.

This in turn can alter chemical and hormonal imbalances in the body – so literally talk of nuclear war can have a negative impact on a person's wellbeing.

One only needs to imagine how nerve-racking it must be to live in #South Korea now – or Portland, where experts have predicted that The North Koreans may bomb if they perfect their long-range missile systems.

It all sounds a bit bonkers, until you realize that these are the #powerful men ruling whole countries, and not little boys in the playground. Trump is the bully, or is it Kim jong-un? This is the world and the planet and people we are talking about, not toys in a playground or sides in a toddler spat that has gone on too long and caused everyone grief.