A number of the companies that regularly do business with Jared Kushner's Kushner Companies have come under harsh scrutiny by federal law enforcement. This, as Kushner's financial disclosure was published on Friday, revealing how he and his wife own in the area of $740 million worth of real estate and assets.

What companies does he do biz with?

#Deutsche Bank, one of the companies in Kushner's network, leveraged a $7 billion settlement in 2016 from the justice department die to its toxic mortgage securities. This is a potential conflict of interest.

Kushner regularly keeps company with influential world and business leaders, and yet he is also managing and overseeing complex #Middle East peace negotiations.

His company has has negotiated four massive loans from Israel's largest bank, Bank Hapoalim, which has been under investigation from the #Justice Department investigation about rich Americans evading taxes with the bank's help.

Kushner has also got a $5 million line of credit from the Middle East-based Israel Discount Bank.