US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has threatened a new US military action in Syria, a day after the United States bombed the Syrian regime in retaliation for a chemical attack attributed to Damascus.

"The United States have adopted a metered-decision last night and attacked a Syrian military base," said Haley in the Security Council of the UN. "We are ready for further actions, but we hope that it will not be necessary," she said. Fifteen members of the EU-UN Security Council met on Friday to discuss the attack by the United States on Syria. An emergency meeting was held at the request of Bolivia, which assessed that the launch of sixty missiles at an air base in Syria, was a violation of international law.

Ahead of the meeting, the UN chief Antonio Guterres called for restraint and stressed that there is only a political solution to the war that rages in Syria. "I call for restraint in order to avoid any action that would further inflict suffering on the Syrian people," said Guterres in a statement.

Medvedev: we are one step from the war

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier today said that US missile attacks on the Syrian air base are to step up the conflict with the Russian army. US officials reported the attack to Russian troops in advance, which aimed to punish the Syrian government for a chemical attack earlier this week, while avoiding the Russian staff. Satellite images indicate that the affected air base Shayrat contains Russian military helicopters.

It is part of the Kremlin's plan that the Syrian government helps in the fight against the Islamic State. On the social networks, Medvedev wrote that US air strikes are illegal and that they were "on the step of a military confrontation with Russia."

Russian military ship headed for the US destroyers

Russian military ships entered the eastern Mediterranean and headed to the area where the two American destroyers launched a missile attack against objectives in Syria, reports Fox News.

The Russian frigate RFS Admiral Grigorovich-494 sailed into the Bosphorus a few hours ago, from the direction of the Black Sea, alleged US military officials. Russian Admiral Grigorovich is armed with advanced cruise missile caliber.

The Russian agency TASS reports that the frigate headed for the Syrian port of Tartus, as part of a routine trip, citing a military-diplomatic source.

The US military, under orders of the President of Donald Trump, fired dozens of cruise missiles at the airport in Syria. They fired 59 missiles of the type "Tomahawk", but the goal was the airport Shayrat in the province of Homs. It is thought that a few days ago there was a Syrian attack on the rebel city using prohibited chemical weapons that killed more than 70 people, including women and children