Paula Van Hise of West Valley City posted a video to her Facebook page on April 12, showing her husband, Phil Van Hise, pushing their five-year-old son Callen around in his wheelchair on the slopes at a popular local Skate Park. The video caught the attention of many people on the social media platform and warmed many hearts, with plenty of likes and shares.

In the video, Callen can be seen to be securely strapped into the wheelchair while wearing a helmet for safety, as his father pushiness him around the slopes at the West Valley City Skatepark in Utah.

As noted by the Statesman, it is clearly evident from the video footage that the young boy is having the time of his life, as he cheers and whoops his way along.

Confined to his wheelchair, but not limited in life

Fox 13 spoke to the Utah dad, who told them his actions are not about what he can do as a father, but about what his son himself can do. Reportedly Callen had a premature birth and was diagnosed with hypotonic cerebral palsy. Because of this condition, the five-year-old has trouble with his balance and coordination.

He is also, apparently attending speech therapy. According to his dad, despite his condition Callen communicates well and is always reading. In fact, the five-year-old is reportedly right at the top of his kindergarten class.

Van Hise added that Callen thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the West Valley City Skatepark and that his son’s reaction to it all made the visit really worthwhile.

Van Hise added that he didn’t care if he himself was about to die from exhaustion from all the effort, his son’s joy was all that mattered.

The whole family enjoyed the trip to the West Valley City Skate Park

According to Callen’s mother, Paula, she cried when they first took Callen to the West Valley City Skate Park. However, she added that she was grateful that other people made her son feel so at home there.

She said they were all so awesome to Callen and even though it was busy in the skate park, people would stop and let him pass on through, cheering him on all the while.

In the comment to her Facebook video post, Callen’s mother pointed out that even kids in wheelchairs can use a skate park to its fullest. She added that the family always makes it a priority to teach their son that disability should not, and will not, stop Callen from doing everything he wants to in life.

Watch the fun as it happens at the West Valley City Skatepark in the Facebook post included below.