The French amphibious assault carrier, Mistral will join the US carrier group in the korean peninsula to participate in a series of naval exercises alongside South Korean and Japanese warships. The Mistral will dock first at Japan's Sasebo naval base in Kyushu before it will join the flotilla.

China is not happy with the naval build-up

Despite being in line with US policy of disarming North Korea of its ballistic and nuclear capabilities, China is weary about the build-up of naval contingents in the Korean peninsula. After the installation of the THAAD missile system and the increase of US presence in the area, China is unhappy with the growing influence of American presence in South Korea.

China does not condone any kind of Preemptive Strikes against North Korea and remains adamant on its stand of continuing diplomacy with the rogue nation. However, Trump wants more diplomatic strangling from China, hoping to end the nuclear ambition of Pyongyang with the means of a Chinese stranglehold..

Trump and allies seeks cooperation with China yet suspicious of its naval upgrades

China have recently launched its first home-built aircraft carrier, the Shandong. It now joins China first carrier the Liaoning thus forming China's carrier group. US and Japan demand support from China over the North Korean crisis but are weary of the apparent naval strengthening of Beijing.

As of the moment, China in cooperation with Russia is planning on a missile defense system that will be THAAD's counterpart to neutralize US air dominance in the area.

Trump admits war with North Korea is highly possible if missile tests continues

Trump said in an interview inside the oval office that a major, major conflict with North Korea is almost inevitable. Though he hopes China would step in and do the necessary steps to rein in Pyongyang and Kim Jong-Un back to the diplomacy table.

President Trump also commends President Xi Jinping telling reporters that he is a good man and desires only the good of his country. Despite this, Trump is still taking no chances against North Korea even though he had said that the US will focus more on diplomatic means to resolve the Korean crisis.

It is expected that he will order additional US troops in South Korea and possibly add another carrier group near or around the Korean peninsula. The US military have also successfully tested the Minuteman III, the main missile deterrent against incoming attacks from countries like North Korea.