In a press conference yesterday, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. announced the awarding of a three-year grant to 10 organizations that work in under-served communities that lack the access to services that help victims of crime. The grants, totaling $11.8 million, will be provided through the Criminal Justice Investment Initiative in the Manhattan Da office. District Attorney Vance stated that the funds are part of the Initiative's $250 million investment of funds seized from the settlements with international banks that were found in violation of the United States sanction laws.

The awarding of these grants is the continuing implementation of projects that will help in breaking down the barriers for victims of crime that seek much-needed help and support.

Targeted program funding

The programs being funded will target transgender victims of crime; children that are victims of abuse or domestic violence; #LGBTQ and HIV-affected; immigrants; and victims of human trafficking, to name a few. The programs will provide culturally acceptable services adapted to individual needs, raise public awareness, help improve public safety and promote a more balanced and capable justice system in New York City. All victims of crime need space and time to heal and the grant money will allow the organization to provide the special care needed and help victims.

Five organizations to benefit

  • New York Center for Children was awarded $771,504 to help children violated by abuse and/or exposed to domestic violence with services designed to help them heal, that include therapy, counseling, psychiatric, and medical services.
  • New York City Anti-Violence Project will receive $1,012,041 to help youth, transgender/gender conflicted individuals, immigrants,# LGBTQ and HIV-affected victims of crime by providing outreach and education to communities on the risk of victimization, and provide the critical support of counseling, and legal advocacy services.
  • Barrier Free Living will be awarded $1,523,304 to continue providing a helping hand and expand services to the disabilities/deaf or hard of hearing who are surviving victims of domestic or intimate partner violence.
  • Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families will be awarded $1,079,932 to continue expanding clinical support, legal advocacy, and court assistance for victims of violence who have been arrested.Their primary clients are #LGBTQ and people of color who had gender-based violence committed against them.

Manhattan District Attorney Vance stated, “Securing justice for victims of crime doesn’t end in the courtroom.

All survivors deserve culturally-appropriate services tailored to their individual needs. Unfortunately, because of the barriers they face, research shows that those who need services the most access them the least. With these grants, we aim to break down those barriers, encourage members of historically under-served victim communities to seek help, and support the organizations that are dedicated to doing so.”