Reports indicate that President Donald trump will make his customary trip to Mar-a-Lago for the seventh time since he's been in office this weekend. CNN reports that this time, however, the billionaire businessman-turned-president will be without his usual aides and officials, choosing instead to make the trip alone.

While Trump relaxes in South Florida, North Korea prepares for a 'big event.'

As Trump spends family time at his South Florida mansion this Easter weekend, tensions are rising between the US and North Korea, per reports. Kim Jong-un, North Korea's rather controversial 33-year old president, is gearing up for what his regime is calling "a big event" in the next few days- and intelligence officials say that event could very well be the test launch of a nuclear weapon capable of hitting American soil.

In the past few weeks, Trump has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping a number of times to discuss how China, North Korea's sole ally, could potentially dissuade Kim Jong-un from initiating any sort of attack against America. But it has only been recent that US officials claim the Chinese president has looked to work with the White House.

The US militarily is on stand-by

In anticipation of a nuclear weapon launch from the Korean leader, sources state the US military is on high alert. Intelligence officials claim a significant amount of firepower has been placed in strategic locations around the proposed weapon launch site, and airborne troops are in a state of constant stand-by.

Critics disapprove of Trump's decision to abandon the White House during such a critical time

Critics claim Trump's decision to head down to Florida shows a lack of competent leadership, as this weekend could very well be the most important one of the 70-year-old's short-lived presidency. Based on recent events, however, it seems that the president's Mar-a-Lago residence is aptly equipped to serve as a potential command center.

CNN reports that so far, Trump has used the mansion as both a strategy center after North Korea's previous missile launches and as a press room to announce the US missile strikes on Syria. If things get dicey in Korea, Trump officials are quite confident America's commander-in-chief can handle the situation away from the White House.

The president plans to use the holiday to relax

As for whether or not President Trump plans on getting any work done during his weekend away, sources close to his administration indicate he'll be informed of anything pertinent- but he intends to use the time to relax mainly.

Regardless of where the US president is this weekend, officials claim someone will be keeping a close eye on events in North Korea.