During the 2016 presidential election, conservative author Ann Coulter was one of Donald Trump's biggest and most vocal supporters. Following the news that Trump ordered a military strike on Syria, Coulter was not pleased.

Coulter on Trump

Earlier this week, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical attack on his own people, killing nearly 100 in the process, including innocent women and children. Reports have since speculated that al-Assad used the banned chemical of sarin as part of his attack, which resulted in universal horror within the international communication.

Not long after the attack took place, President Donald Trump said that "something has to be done," but didn't elaborate any further at the time. On Thursday night, news broke that Trump gave the order for the United States military to launch close to 60 tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase in retaliation to the aforementioned chemical attack. In a statement on his decision, Trump said it was in the "vital" national security interests of the United States to respond. Within minutes, many supporters of the president spoke out against Trump for launching the missiles, which prompted Ann Coulter to voice her thoughts during a multiple-tweet rant on Twitter on April 7.

Taking to her Twitter account on Friday, Ann Coulter expressed her frustration and disappointment with Donald Trump over his actions in Syria.

"Media THRILLED that Trump is destroying his presidency," Coulter tweeted out. "Meddling in the Middle East has destroyed every president who’s ever tried it," she continued. In a third tweet on the issue, Coulter added, "This is eerily similar to the collapse of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stopped listening to any smart people.

Soon he'll be calling in Mike Murphy."

"Those who wanted us meddling in the Middle East voted for other candidates," Ann Coulter added again on Twitter.

"Trump campaigned on not getting involved in Mideast. Said it always helps our enemies & creates more refugees," the outspoken conservative tweeted out, before noting, "Then he saw a picture on TV." "Christians who live in Syria are terrified of what will happen if Assad is gone," she claimed.

Ann Coulter then took a shot a Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham who she often criticizes for being too aggressive on foreign policy.

Coulter sent out a tweet bashing the two long-time GOP senators, before hitting back at Donald Trump in the process. "If only McCain, Lindsey or Graham would run for president themselves, we could see how popular bombing the Mideast is!!! Wait, what?" she wrote. "He told us he would be the president of America, not 'the world,'" Coulter pointed out, before asking, "Could somebody show him pictures of Americans raped & killed by illegals?" In addition to her own tweets, Coulter retweeted several other anti-Trump messages, before finding old tweets from the president from back in 2013 when he spoke out against taking action in Syria.

Moving forward

As of press time, it's unknown how Syria and its allies will response.

Bashar al-Assad has labeled the United States attack as "reckless" and " irresponsible," with Russian President Vladimir Putin describing it as an "act of aggression" that has damaged relationships with Moscow.