Donald Trump seems to be the favorite topic on Twitter and Trump was also an avid Twitter user even before he was elected as President of the United States. With over 28 million followers, Trump receives varying reactions on his posts, and, often, Twitter users express their opinion about him through the social media platform.

Recently, Trump lashed out at the New York Times after they shared a misleading tweet about the White House visit of the New England Patriots. Just as the issue started to die down, new controversies arose on Twitter, but this time, it was not about fake news or fake media.

Instead, it was a hilarious take on Trump's latest claim.

Trump's statement about Italy

Italian Prime Minster Paolo Fentiloni visited Trump in the White House this week to discuss the forthcoming G7 meeting in Italy next month. During a joint press conference, Trump praised Italy because of their artistic and scientific achievements. But, his praises did not end there, he added that Italy produces artists like Giuseppe Verdi and Pavorotti. He also mentioned his relationship with legendary opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, calling him a great friend. However, it appears that many people do not agree with that.

As usual, people did a quick fact-check. One important point is, the singer has been dead for ten years.

It also appears that Trump and Pavarotti's family are not good friends because the singer's widow stopped Trump from using "Nessun Dorma" at his rallies.

Trump had been using the singer's music during his rallies and Pavarotti's family said that the values of brotherhood and solidarity of Pavarotti are not compatible with the worldview of Trump.

Aside from that, Trump hired Pavarotti for a concert at his Atlantic City casino in 2002, but he wasn't happy with the singer's performance and he asked for a refund.

Twitter makes fun of Trump

Because of that, Twitter is once again full of Trump-related tweets. But this time, the tweets about his Pavarotti reference are all hilarious.

User @mhs58 said that "Pavarotti tweeted that he would like Trump to join him as soon as possible," while other users referred to the Mario Brothers and even the Three Musketeers.

Jimmy Kimmel also joined the fun when he asked the ghost of Pavarotti about his relationship with Trump. The comedian and host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" wanted to know if they are in fact great friends, but the singer's ghost said that they are not.