President Donald trump said he is very proud of the US Miltary after they had what he called, "a very successful mission." Earlier, the military blasted a tunnel complex in afghanistan. It was the first non-nuclear weapon to be used in battle.

What did Trump know?

According to CNBC, Trump said that he won't go into what he know about the attack before the military took action. Trump said they acted quickly and it was a success. He believes the blast will enable the US troops and Afghan officers to be able to move more freely without being attacked by ISIS fighters in the area.

Trump believes our military is stronger than it's been in years

Trump said when you compare the last eight weeks to what happened the past eight years, you will be a significant difference. He believes that under his regime, the military is a "well-oiled machine."

The Pentagon spoke about the bombing saying that it will reduce the risk to Afgan and US Forces in the area, reducing their risk to be killed by an ISIS attack.

Spicer said the attack protected civilians

Spicer said in the Friday press briefing that the MOAB prevent civilian casualties.

When pressed how the massive blast would protect those who live near the area, he refused to comment any further.

The bottom line is that Trump is proud of the military and he believes they did a great job. Do you think the military under Trump's regime is stronger than it was under President Obama?